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Welcome to the Arizona Business Education Association (ABEA) website. This website has been designed to keep in constant contact with its members, giving them access to curriculum, lesson plans, and teaching strategies. In addition, ABEA members have the ability to share with other members in order to stay current with Business Education.



Mission Statement

"The mission of the ABEA is to serve individuals and groups in all endeavors associated with and about business and business education."

ABEA President, Julie Ellis, teaches Business and Economics at Vail Academy and High School. She is also an FBLA and NHS advisor.



The Vail Academy and High School is a school located in the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park. It was founded in 1997 to accommodate the fast-growing community surrounding Vail. It previously served just high school students, but since then, it has become a K-12 school. The school mascot is the Boxer. Students must complete a senior exit project in order to graduate, as this is a requirement in the Vail Unified School District.






Arizona Business Education Association is a 501 (c) (3) Corporation
Contributions to ABEA may be tax deductible
Arizona Business Education Association is a non-profit organization.